Four Wheel Drive System in Big Bear City, CA

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Four Wheel Drive System

Four Wheel Drive System

There are many different types of four wheel drive systems. Each vehicle manufacturer can have a different way of providing power to all of the wheels. Four-wheel-drive (4WD) refers to vehicles that have a transfer case rather than a differential between the front and rear axles, which means the front and rear drive shafts will be locked together when engaged. Some of the common issues with four wheel drive vehicles include inaccurate signaling of 4WD engagement, getting stuck in 4WD, broken transfer shifter fork, chassis problems, suspension problems, etc. our technicians can look over your transfer case and replace fluid if necessary, we will also look at the case, gears, and chain if present. Let the experts at Mercer Automotive help you prevent unnecessary damage to your four wheel drive system.

Mercer Automotive proudly serves the Four Wheel Drive needs of customers in Big Bear City, CA

Areas Served : Big Bear City, CA and surrounding areas

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